You have never seen such a thing! 2.21 crore cash, 100 bigha of land and…

Hello Friends, There is a marriage occasion of a son or daughter and it is not normal that the brother does not bring the mother. But the mother of the brother in Rajasthan shook the entire social media.

What is Mameru?

  • The Perhaps you have a question in your mind that what is this matter? So let us tell you that over the years in many states, during the marriage ceremony of a son or daughter, the wealthy party gives various gifts and gifts to their sister for the marriage of their nephew. According to the status of a brother, his sister’s affairs are enough. But two brothers from Nagor district in Rajasthan did such a big affair to their sister that they are being applauded in the entire social media. Let’s know about his mother.

The brothers from Rajasthan played the biggest role:

  • This Brothers living in Nagaur district of Rajasthan paid crores of rupees for their sisters. Nagaur’s Myra practice was famous since Mughal times. But today again Nagaur’s Myra practice has been written in golden letters on the pages of history. Nagaur’s 6 brothers once again made Mamera the talk of the town.

  • When these brothers involved in milk business reached the sister’s door with a bullock cart, people started laughing once. But then the entire village was shocked to see a convoy of 1000 vehicles following a tractor trolley loaded with desi ghee and sugar. In fact, Bhagirath Ram Mehria, Arjun Ram Mehria, Prahlad, Mehram, Ummedaram Mehria, residents of Dhigasara district of Nagaur district filled Myra along with their sister Bhanvari Devi. , whose discussion is in full.

  • The Most Everyone was surprised when the Maheria family of Dhigasara reached the Godra family home of Raidhanu with Myra. Because he came with a pair of Nagauri bullocks. But then there was a convoy of 1000 vehicles behind the bullock cart and a new tractor trolley in front of the convoy of vehicles. A tractor trolley leading the two kilometer long convoy was loaded with paddy, sugar and other food grains. Blankets and silver coins were distributed throughout the village. At the same time, the brothers began the Myra by putting chunri on sister Bhanwari’s head.

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Shoe given in Mamera?

  • These brothers in Myer to their sister in Mamera
  • 100 bigha land
  • 1 bigha plot on national highway
  • New tractor-trolley
  • Jaggery cut
  • A pot full of ghee
  • 1 kg 125 grams of gold
  • 14 kg 250 grams of silver
  • 2 crore 2 lakh 31 thousand 101 rupees cash


  • The Also distributed 1 each blanket and silver coin as gift to Abhen’s in-laws. That is for a total of 800 houses in Raidhanu village. It is to be mentioned that a few days ago a donation of Rs 3 crore was given in Burdi village of Deh tehsil of Nagaur, but now the donation of Dhigasara village has broken all the records. Now it would be fair to say that Myra is trending in Nagaur district of Rajasthan, because more than 10 Myras in Nagaur district are trending on social media in last one yea