Mubble App – How to Get Call Detail of Any Number

Hello Friends, The We are a special thing of the people of India. We love to peek into the lives of others. Or sometimes someone wants to see the call details of someone to keep an eye on it. But the way to see the call details is not known. If you are also one of them. So don’t worry, in today’s article I will tell you how to remove the call details of any Sim Network?

Note :

  • This  Here the share information is only and only for your knowledge. Keep it limited only to your knowledge, if by using this information any consumer tries to harass them by taking out the call details of anyone without permission, then according to cybercrime, that consumer will be punished with 3 years in jail or 2 lakh fine. is mandatory
  • Sometimes we want to see the call details of our siblings or Gf Yeh. After all, who do they talk to? Where do you talk? But it will not let you see those people directly. You have to check their call history by putting your mind.
  • Below I will tell you a trick. With which you can check the call details of any SIM, whether it is Jio, Airtel, Bsnl, any network. After reading this, I guarantee that how to remove call details? You will not need to search anywhere.

How to get call details of someone?

  • By the way, this method is not too heavy. You just need to know the right way. To extract the call details of others, you have to take their (Victime) phone once.
  • You cannot remove the call details of someone’s number without touching their phone. And the way I am going to tell about. For that it is very important for you to have a gmail id. How easy is it to create a Gmail or Email id? You don’t need to tell this.
  • By the way, if you must be thinking that there is a way by which Victime’s phone can be removed without touching its call details. So it’s not possible. Because both Mobile Company and Network Company are very secure.
  • Therefore, without taking a phone without Victime, you cannot remove their call details from their phone. And if any hackers hack someone’s phone too. So only because of some mistake of that Mobile Owner.

How to get call details of any number:

  • The boy or girl whose call details you want to remove. First of all, you have to take the phone for a while on some pretext. After that the below steps have to be followed in their phone.

Step-1: First of all open a browser.

  • This Most Which is your friend’s mobile. Turn on his Internet data. And open any browser.

Step-2: Download that apps by searching Mubble app in it.

  • Then after that search Mubble App in Google. And download it from the previous site. The direct download link of Mubble app is given below.

Step-3: Then select your language in it.

  • The Long After downloading the Mubble App, we will open it. Then you will be asked to select the language. Select the language according to you.

Step-4: After that now allow permission.

  • When you have selected the language. Then you will be asked to allow permission. Allow him. After that the complete details of their call will come in front of you.

Step-5: Then verify your mobile number.

  • The Now you will be asked for mobile number. Enter that number in it. Whose call history want to get out. After entering the number, an Otp will come, enter it and verify the mobile number in it.

Step-6: Then select your login Gmail.

  • On which Gmail you have to retrieve the data of that call details. Select it. And click on Get Bill By Email.

Step-7: Now click on Get My Bill.

  • Then you will see the option of Get My Bill. Click on it. By clicking on it, you will be able to send that details to your mail.
  • When your bill has Send Successfully written in Victime’s mobile. After that uninstall that application from their phone. so that they do not know.
  • After that open your Gmail id. Which you put in that application. There you will get the Call History of that Victime up to 30 Days. You will get that document in PDF file.
  • Which you can download and keep secure in your File Manager. Now you will never have to worry about how someone’s call details are removed?

Warning: You should never try to know call details through third party app from Play Store. Firstly, they will not provide you the correct data, secondly it can also cause loss of your privacy.

Conclusion: After reading this article, how can you remove Call Details from anywhere? No need to search about In this article I have told 100% working method. So that you can use it on any mobile. I hope you liked this article. And with this you will be able to remove the call details of your favorite people.