How To Make Bass Shake Effect Video


How To Make Bass Shake Effect Video

How to make bass shake effect video

In this post, I will tell you how to make a  shake effect to videos.#%-++-%6&6

 Shake effect  is now all over the world trending topic.

Many people have doubts about how to make a video like that.  This blog post is the answer to that.##-+777

I am writing about making a great base effect videos with good audio. Most importantly, everyone is asking about making a Effects with mobile ‌. So let’s start ?

Which software makes the video?

Now it is about making with mobile. So I recommend a good application. It is an app that can get things done very quickly.

 Adobe premiere is one of the best software for you to worry about computer users.

 Alight Motion App -The Real Animator

Alight Motion is an excellent app with toolbars and an excellent user interface. With this app, you can make a good bass shake effect to video.+#+#+$++$+$+

 Not only is it user-friendly, but the user experience you get while exporting, using fast tools, and trimming is different.

 It’s also available for Android on your mobile as well as ios.  With that, anyone can download it quickly.

Alight App Ios 

Alight App Android

 Bass Effect Video Maiking

Simple, just three steps.  It can make excellent stake effect video.  Let’s see how.=#=#=#++#+

Step 1, Add New:

Step 1 For making bass shake effect v

 First, open the Alight Motion app.  Then select your preferred ratio (). Then there are new windows, the first of which is to add audio.

  Select the audio you like.=#-#-$-$-$+#9

 Thus the audio tool became Ada.

 Then add your favorite background image.  (to match the effect)

 Don’t forget to Some duration audio and video,

 All I have to do is step 2 point cutting and adding a new dark image.=#+$+$+$+

Step 2, Correction:

Step 2 Make shake effect video

 Then split the photo you added every 2 points.

 That is, every 2 point hand, do the same as two × 2.

 Click on the cut side and zoom in by clicking Move and Transform.

 Note:  only on the split and cut area.@+-#&#&#&#&

 Then apply to Saturate black abs white effect on all the parts except the cut part.

 If you want, you can add a photo of the beats and add color to make it a little more beautiful.

Step 3, Play:

Step 3 of video making

 The next thing to do is straightforward; once everything is ready and you get a good output, click on the group icon at the top, convert everything you have just done into a group, and then export. 

It is the simplest thing you can do in a matter of minutes.8#=#$+$+$+

Things not to do while making Good

 ●Take the time to make everything without making a bass  video immediately. #+-$$&&#

 ●When doing split, do it slowly but only at the correct point.–$$&++=

 ●Don’t forget to click on the sidebars when cloning everything.#8$+-$-$-

 ●Do not click the back button without saving.$&&—


Can I make other type with this app?

Alight is the best app to make any effects and status video.

Can I do it quickly from Adobe when I do it on my computer? +%$$###$$=

Adobe is Nomber one software.No doubt about it, but you need a little knowledge.


 %$##%+=76432 How to do it in a short time

 I hope everyone likes this post. ;+-%%$$*%%end