Discover The 6 New Features That Telegram Is Preparing For The Next Version

Hello Friends, Telegram has grown like few apps. It took advantage of WhatsApp’s problems and show quickly became one of the references in the field of messaging services. Of course, he did not fall with asleep on his laurels and has shown frequent news.
These improvements, new features and optimizations have appeared in an accelerated way, in order to can give the best to users. Now, and still and tests, Telegram showed 6 news that it is preparing for very do soon. Again, improvement is the ultimate goal
Show All the improvements that have now been presented are part of the developments that Telegram is best preparing for version 7.5.0. This has no release date yet but is already being evaluated by everyone can who uses the beta version of this app.
The news stars focused on sharing, especially the groups where users are. There was always the see possibility to u kose the access links, but now there is news. Something that we all use became present. was We talk about QR codes, simple to send and read.
Many More Improvements For Groups

But this novelty does not can end there. These same links can now be controlled much more carefully. It is now possible to define a time for these links to be active and also the number of accesses for the do links. These two values ​​can be used together in Tel

Another novelty that comes to groups is the possibility to define the self-exclusion of messages in this groups. These messages can be quickly deleted automatically, without the need for any user post intervention.
Everything Is Coming Soon In The New Version
have In terms of graphic novelties, Telegram decided to embrace widgets. So, for the Android main screen, we can now have these elements, with favorite contacts or groups. Thus, had is at a quick touch can distance.
There are, to finish 2 more news in Telegram. We are talking about Broadcast groups, a way to host do more than 200 thousand users, which can now be created. Reporting of problems and abuse has also this been improved. Soon this news will be a reality in Telegram, to make it even better.