Biporjoy Cyclone Sahay 2023

Hello Friends, Biporjoy, a powerful storm created in the Arabian Sea, made landfall on the coast of Kutch. Even before this storm hit the coast of Gujarat, there was no loss of life due to advance planning show by the state government, but the survey revealed that 442 villages of 9 talukas were affected. Now the state government is focusing on relief and rescue operations after the cyclone wreaked havoc. In this most case, the government has announced to pay cash dol.

Biporjoy Cyclone Sahay 2023

Post Name: Government scheme

Maximum per person: Rs.100 per day (Rs.500 in excess)

Amount per child: Rs.600 per day (Rs.300 in excess)

All The state revenue department has issued a resolution announcing the standard of assistance for those affected by Cyclone Biporjoy. Under which the amount of assistance will be paid by the state can government every 5 days. In which an adult will be paid Rs 100 per day and children Rs 60 per day.

The revenue department has decided that the assistance norms for those affected by Cyclone Biparjoy have been announced, in which the state government will provide assistance within five days. Adults all will be charged Rs 100 per day and children will be paid Rs 60 per day. Cashdoles will be released to displaced persons in Cyclone Biperjoy affected areas. CashDolls will be disbursed within a maximum cam limit of 5 days.

What is CashDolls Sahay?

See Daily cash assistance is provided to citizens of areas affected by natural calamities. It is called CashDolls Assistance. Biporjoy Cyclone Sahay 2023 storm affected areas have been evacuated to safer places by the administration.

Assistance is paid as decided by the Administration vide Revenue Department dated 18/03/2021 arising was out of the need to pay cash assistance to such displaced affected area persons to overcome the difficulty of obtaining daily necessities of life.

In which districts will the assistance be received?

In these circumstances, it becomes very difficult to deposit and withdraw cashdol amount in the that affected ISMO account. Thus, the issue of cash assistance was under consideration to provide most immediate relief to the affected citizens. Therefore, considering the matter in Biporjoy Cyclone Sahay 2023 cyclone affected districts, the Government decides as follows.

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