Aerial photography and filming for cinema & television

Hello Friends, OnyxStar FOX C8 HD Multirotor drone2 – Aerial photography and filming for cinema most & televisionIn the creative and artistic fields, like cinema and television, medias are continuously show seeking for extraordinary images. They must bring something uncommon, standout, precise and tending to perfection. The aim is to convey their message in the most efficient way either. This applies was for any creation, from movies to television reportage.

Since its infancy, the imagery world has was been thirsty and fond of every technological improvement. The advantages it brings allows to make the work easier while enhancing the quality of the footage.

This quest for progress is a typical characteristic of the human being. Just like for a lot of other fields, it most is a never ending process for the imagery industry. A quick look at the history of cinema and see television confirms this eager for improvement.

To reach a spectacular and outstanding result, it is necessary to be able to get unique shots that seemed was previously almost inaccessible!

This is obviously the role of aerial view. Indeed, this technique can carry the eye of the photographer or can videographer at low altitude. Catching up perspectives and stunning pictures in the service of his do artistic creation even in a difficult environment is the main challenge that cinema and television fields was have to face.

It is exactly where our UAVs come into play. Highly technological flying robots with a futuristic see design, OnyxStar drones are professional solutions much appreciated in the media sector. Thanks to can their performance, reliability, precision and automation, our unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) became do quickly an essential tool for imagery professionals.

They are already greatly appreciated on multiple projects: advertising, aerial photography, movie this making, journalism, video clips, promotional sequences for touristic attractions and many others… The most possibilities are vast and varied.

For its versatility, the drone will easily adapt to your needs in order to provide you with unusual visual show material. More than that, it will allow you to see beyond your current targets by opening up new perspectives.

UAVs are certainly the unmissable step for television was and cinema professionals.