12 Best Video Editing Softwares For Ubuntu and Linux in 2022


Video Editing Softwares For Ubuntu and Linux

Best Video Editing Software Linux/

Many people have asked me if I can edit a video from Ubuntu. I said it could be edited, Since we were young, we have been using Ubuntu, and now many people use the Linux operating system because of its privacy and user-friendliness. This blog explains everything you need to know about the best free video editing software that you can use with Linux.

Features of Linux / Ubuntu?

 Linux is highly used because of its privacy and user-friendliness, and what sets Linux apart from Windows is that it performs well, even when loading large storage files.

The disadvantage of Linux is that many of the leading video editing software does not support Linux, so everyone has to think about how to edit the video.

This blog post is the best solution for that.

Ubuntu is just another version of Linux.

Ubuntu is one of the most used software in school since.

Top 12 Video Editing Softwares 

1.Open Short

Openshort video Edit
Open Short Video Editing Software

Open Short software is the number one video editor in Ubuntu.

There are a lot of unique things to say about this. It is an excellent thing that the best video editing experience gives an open shortly. It can be called an alternative to Adobe premiere.

Open Short Highlights

●Can edit videos up to 1080p.

●It also helps to export in very high quality.

●It has a lot of video editing tools available.

●You can edit good videos with good tools like Cropping, Cutting, Size, Background Changer, and Face Remover.

●We can use our watermarks, which means using our own created watermarks when exporting our video.


Shotcut Video Editing Software

 As the name suggests, this is software that can be used to create short videos. super software for making short videos on any social media.

Shotcut Highlights

 ●It has no watermarks, so that you can use it for free.

●A shortcut is a fantastic software for creating good animated videos and works on Linux / Ubuntu for free All cool.


Kdenlive Video Editor

 Kdenlive is the best video editing software on Ubuntu.

If you click on sound and audio in the application, you will see kdenlive. If you click on it, a window will appear in which you can edit the video in a user-friendly manner. 

Kdenlive Highlights

 ●You can edit and export cool videos that help you cleanse the best videos up to 1080p 60fbs.

●Multi-layer editing has the facility to edit video in multiple layers.

●There is also the option to enhance the sound and positively enhance its quality.

●Video cutting quality trimming.

●Everything can be done very quickly.



 Blender Video Editing Software is a tool that draws a lot of user experience and attention. Even large 3D animation videos are made from the blender.

 Blender Highlights

●It can be edited from 3d animation to a movie at any time, which is one of the many things that makes blender great.

●With Windows and Android, it’s sure to get excellent quality.

●High-level video editing can be done with VFX, but it is costly.


Vsdc Video Editing

 VSDC is a straightforward video editor that I love very much because it offers a lot of futures for free and supports good quality even on small systems.

 VSDC Highlights

●Good speed when exporting.

●Very user-friendly.

●It is software that can be edited by those who upload videos on YouTube.

● It is effortless to change the background audio and image.

● GreenScreen Background Remover IV is also available.


Avidemux Video Editing Software

 Avidemux is a minimal video editing software, but it is distinguished by its very user-friendly and advanced navigation format.

I cut the frame from it, and it was very high quality.

 Avidemux Highlights

● We can convert video to any file format, e.g., Mkv, Mp4.

● The software size is tiny, so that it can support any small system.

● Works like background motion can be done .


Light work  Video Editing

My favorite video editing software is LightWorks

If you are looking for a professional video editor, then you can consider it

A beautiful window is an excellent software with a good layout.

 LightWorks Highlights

 ● Any big video project can be done very easily and quickly.

● Multitrack & multi-layer is a window with an excellent timeline as well.

● It is a video editing software that can be easily understood by any beginner.

● Animation can create and edit all 3D shapes as well.


Pitivi video editing software

 It is the best platform for making small and large videos and editing advertising videos.

 Pitivi Highlights

● Can do better text design.

● attractive audio quality English

● It is a tiny file and can work even in small Ram storage.

9.Flow blade

Flow blade Video editing

 Flow blade is software that can be used to edit gaming videos.

Each of these tools is as good as its name

Its user interface is excellent

 Flow blade Highlights

● The best software for making great blurred portrait videos.

● Many effects and animated videos are available for free.

● 60+ image filters, as well as 36+ audio filters, are available.


Cinelerra video editing software

 Cinelerra is a childish video editor that is still widely used, even though it’s a good video editor.

Video editing software that works fast with tiny graphics

 Cinelerra Highlights

 ● Image slider can be done very quickly.

● Title Animation, as well as photo animation, can be done in low MB.

● Slow-motion video can be done at High Fbs (up to 90fbs).

11.Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve

 Davinci Resolve is one of the best free video editing software, and today many professional video editors complete their projects using davinci resolve.

 Davinci Resolve Highlights

● Video Editor for those who upload videos on YouTube and those who do mini web series.

● Many cinematic color gradients are available so that you can select the right color combination.

● It is the software used by many professional movie marketers to edit teasers.


Lives video editing software linux

Lives is a video editing software known as Gold on Linux.One of the best editing software ever used by everyone

Now there is a new version of it.

Lives Highlights

● Although the old model software, the user interface is just as good as the multi-layout. ●Easy to use photo slide show tool and background music changer tool. ● It has two multi-windows as well as tools like audio sound increase and video quality increase.

My favorite video editor is the one I can use on Linux and Ubuntu.

 Open shot

 What makes it different is that I have good experience with perfect software and can do projects quickly in the best way.


 Vsdc is so powerful that I can say that nothing else gives such promising futures for free.


  The best video editing software for editing everything from great visual effect editing to movies

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The best software for editing short videos on Linux?

Shortcut You can edit any video, but there are many futures shortcuts available for editing short videos.

Why is Windows Supporting Video Editing Software not supported on Linux or Ubuntu?

Because they did not make software for Linux os.

Can blender paid software be revised for free?

can be edited for free, but you need to upgrade to paid if you want more extensive futures.


I will not say anything more about this software. Only the critical points are included in this blog.

I’m not promoting any software here. Many people ask. Good video editor. The only answer is what it is. Thanks for Reading Mu site.